Improving environmental awareness and living conditions among  local communities.  On top of this we will fund and participate in environmental restoration activities, will deliver the highest quality of service to you, while making every effort to conserve and restore the environment.

We ensure that your journey will have a minimal environmental impact by:

  • Using well-trained, professional and responsible safari guides who adhere to park regulations and ensure minimal disturbance of wildlife
  • Using camps and lodges that have a reputation for good environmental awareness and practices, and that encourage community development programs
  • Offering alternatives to vehicle safaris when appropriate, e.g., walking, biking or canoeing safaris.

We improve awareness and appreciation of natural resources amongst  local communities by:

  • Employing guides who are native to the area
  • Visiting area schools and implementing environmental awareness activities
  • Facilitating school trips to National Parks so that children can see wildlife in its natural habitat, and
  • Sponsoring environmental awareness events in local villages.

We actively participate in restoration efforts by planting trees in honor of each person who travels with us:

This simple act is both a significant step towards reversing the negative effects of deforestation, and a key component of our community outreach efforts. Currently, we are planting tree seedlings in schools and villages where the students, teachers and other community members partner with us to water and care for them until the seedlings are strong enough to sustain themselves. We are welcoming the chance to make this experience a part of your safari itinerary.

Our Values

  • First and foremost, as a safari company, we aim to give the highest quality of service to our clients. From arrival to departure we will endeavor to take care of your every need.  We also have a commitment to caring for the environment so that future generations may also enjoy what we are enjoying today. Lastly by no means least, we care about the people of East Africa, since without their cooperation we cannot protect the natural wonders of this area alone.  We pledge to improve their living conditions and broaden their understanding and appreciation of wildlife.