Social Mission

There once was a time when people cared about the environment, and in return the environment took care of the people.  These days, things have changed, and the natural environment that once offered multiple services and great enjoyment to the human race, is now being destroyed at an ever-increasing rate.

However, we must not despair.  If we each make our own contribution and commitment to restoring the natural environment to a pristine state, a real change could be made.  That change starts with You and us at Restoration Safaris!

For visitors that want to do more than see Tanzania's natural wonders, we offer several activities that you can get involved in to make a lasting difference in the conservation and restoration of these areas as a part of our social mission. Making a difference feels amazing and we feel happy enlivened and creative to add meaning to our work. If you are interested in any of these activities, please let us know so that we can incorporate them into your itinerary.

2 (4)Protecting Trees

Many of the areas that you will visit are heavily forested.  Sometimes local villagers enter these forests to collect firewood or cut down trees for furniture. To stem this behavior we plan to increase awareness of the value of forest resources in the surrounding local communities. We also plan to start a tree nursery that can restock the natural forests. We welcome you to come and participate in teaching school children about the need to protect their forests and also to come and help to plant trees. This is a great opportunity to meet Tanzanians, get a firsthand view of Tanzania's schools, and leave something behind that will last long after you have returned home.

Improving Lives

There are many orphanages in the towns along the safari circuit 21000018-Loriginating in Arusha. If you are interested in helping to improve the lives of these children through donations, teaching or even just playing, Restoration Safaris can facilitate this. Whether you want to visit for an hour, a day, a week or even longer, we can provide you with an orphanage placement and assist with accommodation.

A Fight against Poaching

One elephant dies in every 15 minutes is poached somewhere in the world and this is threatening the existence of  elephants in the future and our rhinos are almost extinct. We all love to see those big elephants walking in the park and it has become very hard to spot rhinos in the wilderness and painful to spot dead elephants with no tusks. That is why choose to practice eco-tourism to save the habitat and participate and make donations to projects that fight against poaching

Environmental Research

In order to best protect the wildlife of East Africa, continuous research into wildlife populations is needed. You can take part in this research by helping trained guides in collecting wildlife census data. If we can keep track of where wildlife populations are at different times of the year, so that we will be better prepared to protect them.

Using YOUR Knowledge

Perhaps you have a specific skill that could help the people of East Africa to protect the environment. Maybe you have expertise in solar energy products, are skilled in sustainable farming techniques, or know how to set up small businesses in low income areas. We would love for you to share this knowledge with the local people. Restoration Safaris will facilitate all necessary arrangements, and enable you to leave behind a lasting gift -- the gift of knowledge.