Dominating Northern Tanzania and the area known as the Maasai Steppe, these tall, proud people are easily recognizable by their black sandals and the blue and red clothes wrapped around their bodies. A great tribe in the Northern Tanzania, being cattle breeders they are well known for the large herds of cattle they own and live by eating mostly meat and milk that they produce themselves.. Maasai warriors are one of the most respected groups of the Maasai and are known world-wide. Women spend their spare time doing bead work and these accessories usually ornament their bodies, together with wooden bracelets and pierced earlobes. Maasai clan stories can be told when you visit the maasai bomas; you can spend a half  day or  more with the Maasai people learn about their cultures try some Maasai dressing and necklaces, Maasai dancing and games, riding on camels and more while taking pictures and videos for such memorable experiences.