Hadzabe & Datoga


Spend a half day with the Hadzabe inhabitants of the Lake Eyasi region and be amazed at how they have remained purely traditional hunters surviving from only handmade bow, feeding on roots and fruits and dressing in animal hides, living in remote homes in the caves and trying to stay away from other people.

You will spend the day with them, seeing their home and lifestyle first hand. You can join the women on their way to gather fruits, seeds and roots, or have some hunting practice using bow and arrows with the men. An interesting feature of the Hadzabe tribe is their language. They are said to be in some kind of relation with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, because of the distinctive click sounds they share. Their physique is also similar, since they are smaller than other tribes and thin. However, the DNA analysis shows no common traits of the two tribes. This is an experience that will satisfy your cultural needs through observing these exotic cultures


Are pastoralists found near the Lake Eyasi are great tribes to visit.Datoga keep goats, sheep, donkeys and a few chickens, but cattle are by far the most important domestic animal. They resemble the Maasai in culture. The meat, fat, blood, milk, hide, horns, tendons and cow dung of every animal have either practical or ritual purposes.