The Big Five

If you're looking for a Big Five safari experience then Tanzania is the best place to come have that experience. The Big Five Big Five refers to buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhino and the term comes from the animals considered most dangerous to hunt. these animals are abound in the park, and you see them by game drives and your chances are very high expect for the rhino which might need more of a great bush eye and luck to spot them  due to the severe threat of poaching. Drive slowly, stop at waterholes, listen for the warning calls of birds, watch when other vehicles stop, and always keep your eyes open.

With Restoration Safaris there are plenty of priceless moments such as finding a pride of lions in the shade after a kill, or watching a large herd of elephants or buffalo move soundlessly across the road, seeing a leopard dozing in the bough of a tree, spotting a black rhino half-hidden in thick shrubs but best part of it all is watching the relationship and interaction among these animals something that you can experience with Restoration Safari. However no matter how exciting this maybe always remember that you're dealing with wild animals and that you're in their territory thus it’s very important to stick to the park regulations.