Arusha National Park


Northern Tanzania, northeast of Arusha town

40 minutes outside Arusha on the way to Moshi


Abundant Zebras, Giraffes, Waterbucks, Reedbucks, Klipspringers, Hippos, Buffaloes, Hyenas, Mongooses, DikDiks, Warthogs, Baboons and Vervet and Colobus Monkeys. Perhaps Elephants and Leopards, but no Lions or Rhinos.


Game-Drives, Forest Walks, Canoeing, Mt. Meru Climb


This is the closest national park to Arusha town- Northern Tanzania, it is an easy 40-minute drive from the city centre. The Arusha National Park often overlooked is in fact a treasure, a rich tapestry of habitats, teeming with animals and birds. From the lush swamps of the Ngurdoto Crater to the tranquil beauty of the Momela Lakes and the rocky alpine heights of  Mt.Meru- the fifth highest mountain in Africa, standing at 4,566 metres (14,990 ft) that offers amazing geographical characteristics.It is also at dusk and dawn the veil of cloud on the horizon is most likely to clear, revealing the majestic snow-caped peaks of Mt. Kilimnajaro, only 50kilometres (30miles) distant. Herds of buffalo, zebra and warthogs as well as giraffes and elephants wander in the sky of this parks and graze on the park’s red grasslands and the leopards lurk next to waterfalls in the shadowy forest to wait for thirsty zebras and antelopes. Not to forget the very rare primates such as the acrobatic black- and- white Colobus monkeys are easily seen.  The area at the fork of the roads leading to Momela Gate called the “Serengeti ndogo” name which means “little Serengeti” describes an open grassland and is the only place in the park where the Burchell’s Zebra will be seen.

The early morning and later evening are usually the best times to observe animals.during the heat of the day much wildlife rests under or retreats into the deeper parts of the forest. However with careful and patient searching, visitors can see interesting species throughout the day in Arusha national park.